Why can’t I have it??

This flatbread from the Honey Bee-Stro is not only beautiful, but tastes amazing too. If you stop by the flower and garden festival at Epcot this year, make sure to try it. I won’t get to eat this again this year and that’s so sad. It probably makes me want it more! We always want what we can’t have, right?

(I was thinking about something recently, cause I have a lot of time to do that. Just from past experiences and listening to what friends have been through as well)

Here’s a silly question, I wonder if food handles rejection the same way as men 🤔 oh right, definitely not because it doesn’t have a brain or emotions and is not human. Hence why sticking to a relationship with food is much easier than trying to date.

Why is it that when you reject a man they are so nasty?

I mean, I guess if a man rejected me I’d be upset too, but not to the level that men go sometimes. And I don’t mean breaking up, I mean if they ask you out on a date and you have your reasons, GOOD reasons, why you’re saying no, they get so salty and say mean things.

One time I got bitched out for “playing games” based on erroneous facts. I don’t play games. Period.

Wanna know the situation. A male asked me on a date and I was honest and said I did not think it would go anywhere, therefore I didn’t want to. He asked if I would be interested in hanging out and getting to know him and I said, straight up, if I have the time. I have a lot of other priorities right now. And instead of heading these warnings he continued to try. And because I’m nice I would reply to him. Sometimes my responses were not right away but I’ve been busy. And I was never short in my replies. He’d ask me to do something and I would already have plans and apparently that was a problem. So one day he straight up ignored me and days later asked me to hang out. Um no. That right there is a game. Not what I was doing. So I told him I was not interested and don’t put up with ignoring. That’s when he went off about how I play games and don’t respond to him till the end of the day (untrue) and that I will miss out on something great. Maybe I will. I also don’t feel it’s meant to be, sorry. Don’t tell me that I play games when I was straight up with you in the first place when I said I just wanted friendship and nothing else. No relationship. And definitely not a hookup. Don’t be mad when you keep trying and get the same response. My mind didn’t miraculously change. And don’t be a baby and tell me to “remove yourself from all my social media accounts.” And did I mention he said that I’ll (as in me) keep making the same mistakes turning away good guys and he “won’t be around for that. Thank God.”

I just have to laugh at this. Your so ego hurt my the rejection you’ll say whatever you can to try to hurt me. But I barely know you. You definitely don’t know me or my character, though I feel like I was right in not acting like I was interested when I wasn’t.

One time I had another dude tell me that I “seemed a lot cooler on instagram” because I didn’t wanna hang out or go out with him. Tf? Again, you don’t know me. Let me mention he worked with me, though we had never met. And I do not fraternize with coworkers after a bad experience years ago. He went so far to say, because I didn’t wanna hang out, that if I were his zone partner he wouldn’t go out of his way to help me. Rude.

It’s out of control how butthurt men get when it comes to rejection. They seriously become such babies. It must just be the fact that they really want you if they can’t have you, so when you keep rejecting it’s upsetting I suppose. I hope that as a woman, you are strong enough to just walk away when they act like this and not give in because that’s what the whole relationship will be like. Annoying. Hahah. Also that type of behavior is definitely a red flag to me. Just be gracious if a female politely declines. Especially if she’s giving you good reasons and not leaving you hanging with no reason why.

Here’s a tip fellas, if you’re rejected, go eat something like us women. It’ll make ya feel much better. Or workout. But do realize it’s not the end of the world.

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