My favorite brunch in Savannah.

I get a lot of messages about this. And it is honestly hard to choose ONE. There are so many phenomenal restaurants in Savannah that serve a great brunch. There is one place though that I will recommend and take visitors time and time again.

do you know which spot that is?

It’s the Collins’s Quarter! Located at 151 Bull St, Savannah, Ga.

This quaint cafe is absolutely beautiful and serves up gorgeous food daily. Every dish is plated perfectly. The food is Australian inspired and not something you can just get anywhere.

I could go on and on with anecdotes that draw this blog post out and leave you searching for the meat and potatoes but I guess I won’t do that to you. Because I hate it.


why do I love this place so much? It’s the complete package. From the beauty of the interior to the perfectly prepared food, there is nothing to complain about. Even the service is top notch.


Let’s start with the coffee! One of the most ordered coffee drinks is the lavender mocha latte. Honestly. Just amazing. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s SO creamy, even with almond milk. But don’t expect to get a pretty latte art like this if you order if with non dairy milk, as it doesn’t set as well. It will still taste great, though.

One of the most popular items they serve is the swine time Beni, featured in the first photo collage. French toast topped with pulled pork, tomato, and a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The brunch lovers dream.

My personal favorite is the avocado toast. It’s not a normal avocado toast because it’s completely addicting and gorgeous. You’ll probably find yourself wanting more, as I always do.

Their Bloody Mary’s are some of the best in Savannah and you really can’t go wrong with the mimosas.


the Bananas Foster french toast is another favorite of mine. It’s a LARGE portion and can definitely be shared. If you’re willing to, that is. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and honestly doesn’t need any syrup. It is good on its own and the white chocolate marscapone cream is TO DIE FOR!

Not looking for something so dense and prefer a lighter option? No worries. The upstream supreme is just what ya need. I personally like it for post workout because the macros are balanced really well between the carbs and protein in it. Just ask for a smaller portion of cream cheese or on the side if you’re worried about fats.


And if you don’t want to go too crazy, the eggs Benedict is always a classic.

The Collins Quarter is 100 percent a spot you must go to at some point in your life. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order.

My list of favorites:

1. Avocado Toast

2. BananaS Foster French Toast

3. crab cake benedict

4. swine time Beni

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