Broughton Common is going to make me fat

I mean just look at these duck and waffles. 1. I can’t resist them. 2. They are sinfully delicious.

When I first heard about the duck and waffles, I knew I had to try them. It was the first thing I tried at the Broughton Common and it remains my favorite dish. Sweet Chili Belgian waffle sliders, stuffed with duck confit and goat cheese, topped with ginger butter, and mimosa Jam. I mean wow. That is an intense flavor profile and I am here to tell you it WORKS! Honestly it’s so incredible that it’s not only my favorite dish at this restaurant, it’s one of my favorite dishes in Savannah. Ok. I’ll hop off my soap box about these, but if you’re in Savannah whether local or visiting, you need to try them.

Moving on.

Yesterday I went to The Broughton common AGAIN for brunch with the foodie community in Savannah. Thank you for having me, Mickey. I tend to always try something different, but this is one of the places I do frequent.

so. Let’s start with the drinks and Sharables. That makes sense, right? Since you start with them before your meal.

The first photo features the Bloody Mary and a cold brew cocktail. They have some of the best bloody Mary’s in the city. And I personally was excited about  a liquor coffee drink. That’s my calling. I am there holding the pork belly corn dogs, which you absolutely should order. They are giant and the pork belly is cooked perfectly. Below those is a burrata bruschetta and I mean really that’s the only way I’m going to eat any of that green stuff it’s on 😜: if it’s topped with a ball of burrata. Give it all to me.

next. If you order any other shareable loaded fritter tots. They are flash fried and covered in mornay cheese sauce with bacon and scallions.  All of the appetizers are great, these are just some of my favorites. Other popular items are the shrimp deviled eggs, pictured below and The smoked Rockefeller oysters were loved by all.

so now for the main event, since I’m sure you’re more concerned about entrees that sharables. I had a phenomenal apple crumble French toast, which I noticed was something new on the menu since the last time I was there. What really caught my eye about it was the COOKIE CRUMBLES in it.

dsc_7145does that not look absolutely glorious? This French toast has fresh baked apples to go a long with those sweet cookie crumbles. And just look at that powdered sugar and drippage. Total food porn. And it just MELTS in your mouth! Couldn’t ask for more. This one is up there with the duck and waffles for me. An excellent choice.

another newer item that’s noteworthy is the breakfast macaroni and cheese bowl. If you know me, I’m always looking for unique and pretty dishes to introduce to my followers, as well as for me to explore. This bowl is super creamy and also provides that added protein and greens to sustain you through the day. And let’s not forget the woven bacon.

closing this post out, I’ll show you three more options. First is the common burger,    Beef & bacon patty, woven bacon, melted Muenster Cheese, ancho chili tomato jam, pickled red onions, Kachina farms greens with fritter tots. Next followed by the salmon Benedict with beet hollandaise sauce, a personal favorite of mine. It’s as tasty as it is pretty. Finally, another newer item, the Grizz Burger, and as Mickey says, it’s almost famous. It’s a monster and it is topped with woven bacon, pulled pork, and collard greens. Definitely a brunch win.

Next time you’re trying to decide on a place for brunch in Savannah, make it easier and try out the Broughton Common. It’s a beautiful restaurant with great service and delectable dishes. And while you do that, I’ll just be over here going for a 4 mile run to work off all this food.

1. Duck and Waffles
2. Apple crumble French toast
3. Salmon Benedict with beet hollandaise
4. Pork Belly Corndogs.

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