Eat your way through Epcot’s Festival of the Arts.


Am I late to this party? I actually attended the festival of the arts at Epcot the first weekend in Jan 18 and am now just posting about it. See, the truth is I forget about this blog sometimes since I focus so much energy into my Instagram. Luckily, the festival isn’t over yet!! It runs until February 24, 2020. I do so love this festival because the food is picture perfect and there is SO much to do all over the park.

One is the most popular items at this festival is pictured above, the paintbrush churros. Super cute and perfectly crunchy and soft inside. Can’t go wrong with Disney churros. $6.50 and Disney Dining Plan eligible.

So. My Mom and I decided we would do the colorful cuisine walk since you get a free cookie if you complete it and, let’s be real, if Disney is going to give me something for free, then it’s for me. Since I’m probably going to buy 5-6 items from the booths anyway and I wanted to try a lot of the things included with this, it was a no brainer.

inhad to of course get my free festival Passholder magnet. I have so many different ones now and I absolutely love that Disney does this. They are such a cute commemorative item that I’ll keep forever.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

We always walk counterclockwise around the world showcase. I just feel so naughty if I walk the opposite way. Which means our first stop on this food tour was Germany. The Germany offering: Seared Corvina with Braised Ratatouille and Lemon Thyme Beurre Blanc ($7.50. DDP eligible).
The Corvina was the better of the two seafood offerings on the walk. I quite enjoyed the lemon thyme beurre blanc, it created a nice mix of flavor against the ratatouille. The fish, however, could have been cooked better. A little tough honestly. Not the best thing I’ve ever had at one their festivals. We also grabbed the jumbo artist pallet chocolate chip cookie. That’s something I continuously grab every year.


This cookie is soft with the perfect amount of chewiness. And its giant. You may or may not share it. We shared it. Also, if you have kids it’s the perfect thing for them while you’re trying to eat and drink or listen to the entertainment. The paint frosting is very spreadable and the paint brush allows the kids to paint the cookie. Love it.

after Germany we stopped in America for the pan seared scallops with chorizo, roasted red pepper coulis, and a Parmesan crisp ($7, DDP eligible), as well as the beef Wellington with mushroom bordelaise, fennel cream, and roasted baby vegetables ($8.25, DDP eligible). the scallops is a colorful cuisine walk item.

The beef Wellington was much tastier than the scallop. While the scallop is presented absolutely beautifully, it lacked in taste. It wasn’t even seared, as advertised. Definitely disappointing. Hopefully it was just ours but I keep hearing a lot of people had the same experience. Unfortunate since you can’t skip it to snag the cookie. If you’re not trying to do the walk, get the beef Wellington.

The Masterpiece Kitchen in Canada is the next stop for the colorful cuisine walk. The item here was something I was looking super duper forward to, the Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta ($8).


This bite is my favorite of the walk. It is BEAUTIFUL and it’s tasty! It’s fairly large for a dessert and it’s so soft and creamy. The rose water and vanilla works well together, however if you’re not a fan of rose water you’ll want to pass. The charcuterie board looked awesome but it is pricier at 14 dollars, but it was a lot of food.

The Deconstructed Dish was next and we had to get the deconstructed BLT, Crispy Pork Belly, Tomato Jam, and soft poached egg ($7, DDP eligible).

This has always been one of my favorite dishes at this festival. The pork belly is always has the perfect crunch and the egg obviously pairs really well with it. It’s been prettier in years past but honestly ill take flavor over pretty. This is always a safe bet. They also have the post deconstructed Reuben that is way less impressive this year and the deconstructed cheesecake.

We then headed over to Pop Eats for the final item of the walk, the almond frangipane cake layered with raspberry jam and Belgian chocolate ($4.50 DDP eligible).

E1F35665-BD8D-4569-8067-95441B0287FASo I’m not a huge fan of this one meeely for the fact that I’m an alien and don’t like raspberries. Its pretty though! However despite the fact that it has raspberries, the flavor wasn’t strong. At all. This cake in general didn’t taste like much. Whomp whomp. I literally have no idea what happened at this festival because the food at Epcot festivals is usually awesome. And has been way better at the festival of the arts in the past. But anyway. We finished the colorful cuisine walk and was rewarded with this really cute sugar cookie at Decadent Delights.


I didn’t eat it so don’t ask me what it tastes like. I know, after all that work how could I not have tried it!? I was nice and took it home to my Dad. Who didn’t eat it while I was there of course.

also fun to note, not on the colorful cuisine walk, are some other things we tried!

In Mexico you can get the Diego Blackberry Margarita, which is 100% Agave Tequila, BlackBerry Puree, Fresh jalapeño-like juice, lined with A black ant salt rim. Uh black ants huh? That’s adventurous. The drink was delicious but we all felt weird slurpin on some ants. But like my mama always said, protein. Another amazing find it the Lobster Chips at the refreshment port. I tell you what, that place continues to surprise me. At food and wine they had duck confit poutine which was AMAZING. And now they have some bomb af lobster chips.

all in all, I LOVE this festival. There’s so much to do besides eat with all the artwork.

you can find awesome Star Wars artwork, complete with artist signings. As well as other various Disney paintings. Love it.

and my personal favorite things at the festival is all the beautiful chalk art that you can watch the artists create in real time, painting the wall, and silly photo ops for recreations of famous paintings .

This festival is only a little more than a month long, but ty worth going to if you get the chance.

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