Run to The Fitzroy for brunch.



At least that’s what I did, since somehow you’re going to have to work off the calories.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to The Fitzroy in downtown Savannah for an influencer brunch. It was hands down, amazing. I got to meet and socialize with some AWESOME women and try delicious brunch dishes. I’ve always gone to The Fitzroy for dinner, so I was excited to FINALLY try the brunch. It did NOT disappoint.

The Fitzroy, 9 Drayton St, is an Australian inspired restaurant serving upscale pub fare and all their dishes are flavorful, unique, and beautiful. Chef Edgar and his team work hard to deliver impeccable meals to every person who dines here. And not to mention, it’s beautiful and cozy inside. My favorite thing is the fireplace that’s across from the bar. They also have a patio that’s wonderful when the weather is nice.

We of course started with Mimosas and coffee. Because, duh.


I know I don’t have a photo of the coffee, but it was awesome. Recently I’ve been drinking only black coffee and this coffee went down real smooth. Big fan. The mimosas were quite the treat! In fact there were three different juices to choose from as well as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to put in the drinks. The Fitzroy really knows how to host a brunch y’all.

For a starter we ordered both the avocado toast and the Fitzroy Chi, which is a chilled chia and coconut pudding with agave syrup and fresh fruits.

The avocado toast was absolutely smashing! See what I did there? Ha. Anyway. I LOVE that they put feta cheese on top of it. That just makes an incredible flavor and I am all about it. The chia pudding was such a great creamy texture and the fruit so fresh. You’ll be happy it’s whatever you order.

Because we had quite a few people, it was possible to sample a lot of the dishes offered for brunch. Though it seemed most people ordered the chicken schnitzel.


This is quite the popular item for both brunch and dinner. It smelled phenomenal and comes with their killer fries, which honestly are some of the best fries ever. Perfectly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I’ve had the chicken schnitzel for dinner and it really is great.

My favorite thing was the Ricotta hot cake. This is a blueberry and ricotta Australian hot cake , maple syrup, marscapone, granola, mixed berries, and mint. I’ve found one of the big things at The Fitzroy is fresh mixed berries and I’m here for it. It’s super aesthetic and who doesn’t love fresh fruit!? The consistency of the hot cake is a little dense but I personally really like it. The flavor is the perfect amount of sweet and it’s so soft. This is a real winner.

I ordered the chicken biscuit and potatoes brava. The first photo is how it came. But I had a wild hair and decided to order a side of gravy to pour on top. Game changer. Do this. So good. The chicken was perfectly crispy and the biscuit soft and flaky.


My friend ordered the French toast. She let me have a bite and oh my gooooosh, it melted in my mouth!!! I loved it. You will too. French toast is usually a pretty good idea no matter where ya are, but it an excellent idea at The Fitzroy. It comes with Australian honeycomb and cinnamon marscapone. So it’s not your ordinary French toast, it’s so much better.

The Shashouka is another very popular dish and it’s easy to see why. Doesn’t it look amazing!?? I didn’t get to try it but everyone at the table who had it assured me it was phenomenal.

if you’re in Savannah and searching for a brunch spot, I highly recommend The Fitzroy. You’ll be very pleased, I assure you. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Savannah and will always have my support and patronage.

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