I found my new crush

F805B011-C4AD-4BB4-84A2-5CABC6FBE65FThat’s the hope owner Kelsie Creamer Of Crushin On Cookies has when you order some of her cookies. If you don’t find your new crush in any of her Cookies, then I don’t know how to help you. You just must not like puppies or kittens or literally anything happy.

i had the hardest time choosing what cookies I wanted to try because they all look and sound amazing.

what I ended up ordering (In no particular order:
1. Cannoli cookie
2. it’s ya birthday
3. Oreo dream
4. triple chocolate
5. snickerdoodle crunch
6. Nutella
7. campfire cuddles
8. that girl salty

so my FAVORITE out of all of them (they were all amazing) was the cannoli cookie


yep, that’s a cannoli on top and inside of the cookie. Insaaaaane. This cookie was so moist and the perfect amount of sweet. Though I really like sweet things so I’m a really bad judge of the PERFECT amount. Either way, If you like cannolis, this is the cookie for you.

Crushin On Cookies currently offers pickup in plant city, FL and shipping nationwide. Shipping is $15 but totally worth it. Mine were a little melted when they got to me, but it’s hot in Florida and Georgia, so that’s to be expected. Still tasted great .


I do realize I should have gotten a photo of the inside of them all, but there were times late at night when I decided to um… eat them lol. And didn’t take photos. But they’re all stuffed with something.

the Oreo dream is stuffed with two or three Oreos. The snickerdoodle crunch is filled with cookie butter. The Nutella, you guessed it… Nutella! That girl salty has pretzels and caramel throughout. Triple chocolate had chocolate buttercream and triple chocolate pop tarts. The campfire cuddles is s’mores, nuff said. The marshmallow oozes out when you microwave it 🤤 it’s ya birthday has a cake pop in the middle.

this is the campfire cuddles. I ate the whole thing at once. No regrets. Totally worth it.

some close ups of that girl salty and Nutella. Also can be seen, snickerdoodle crunch topped with a lotus biscoff cookie, as well as the Oreo dream.

you can’t go wrong with anything you order. She also has a ton of other flavors, including cinnamon roll and a red velvet one that I’m dying to try. Oh and a peanut butter one. Some of the menu will be changing August 30, but for now here is the current options taken from her Instagram:


if you want to order, content Kelsie on Instagram through a direct message @crushinoncookies.

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