Take a dip

These Birria tacos from Antojitos Locos are the bees knees. I absolutely love them and am totally obsessed. They can be messy though, when you dip them in the consommé. Which brings my to my topic today: dipping into a “relationship” I.e. the relationships that never actually became relationships. The ones that could have been, but ended too soon.

Dating now is hard. I mean like, really hard. There’s so many steps. What happened to liking someone and just focusing On that person?

I sure don’t know.

I feel like you can’t get anywhere. You meet a man, you form a connection, you get close, and then it’s over. Not even an actual relationship.

And for some reason this is so tough to move on from.

Why is it so hard to get over someone you weren’t even in a real relationship with? Do we focus on the “what could have been” too much? Are we hung up on that person or rather the idea of them?

That’s it I think. The idea of them. What could have happened. Because you don’t actually ever lose the romanticized version of them except for the fact that it ended. And they probably hurt you in some way at the end. Or they didn’t. Maybe they ended it maturely, which hurts even more because all you want it a real man. Who isn’t a terrible person. It’s like you getting a taste of those Birria tacos but then I took them all away and said that’s it. And you wonder how amazing you might have felt had you gotten more. But maybe you would have felt sick? One will never know.

The what’s ifs. They’re killer. How do we get past this, though? Can you easily move on from what could have been? Focus on you, sis. That’s the only way. When you love yourself, take care of you, and are balanced, it will all fall into place around you.

Maybe it’s not in the form of that perfect man. It’s inner peace. And once you find that, you can fully give yourself to someone else and add value to their life, rather than toxicity.

Don’t hold on to what if’s. Because there’s a reason it didn’t work out. One you don’t see now. Who knows… maybe it could have been really bad. We don’t like to think that because we don’t know the other individual in that way. Maybe if we thought of it in that way instead of thinking it could have been some amazing whirlwind romance, we could get past it easier.

I know it’s tough. But as I always say, go eat something. It’ll make you feel better. Food is love. And if that doesn’t work, ask me for more ideas. I’ve been on my own now for a while.

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