Take a dip

These Birria tacos from Antojitos Locos are the bees knees. I absolutely love them and am totally obsessed. They can be messy though, when you dip them in the consommé. Which brings my to my topic today: dipping into a “relationship” I.e. the relationships that never actually became relationships. The ones that could have been,... Continue Reading →

I found my new crush

That’s the hope owner Kelsie Creamer Of Crushin On Cookies has when you order some of her cookies. If you don’t find your new crush in any of her Cookies, then I don’t know how to help you. You just must not like puppies or kittens or literally anything happy. i had the hardest time... Continue Reading →

Crystal Beer Parlor reopens

This is something I have been waiting MONTHS for. I remember trying to go back when COVID first kicked off because my coach actually gave me a burger and fries for a cheat meal. It said they were open online, but I got there and low and behold, CLOSED. I was heartbroken. They had literally... Continue Reading →

Broughton Common: new name and menu

  Times are weird. We are in the middle of a pandemic and local businesses are pulling out all the stops to stay open here in Savannah. Sometimes, it takes rebranding. You may or may not have noticed a name change to one of my favorite spots on Broughton street, The Broughton Common. They have... Continue Reading →

Run to The Fitzroy for brunch.

  At least that’s what I did, since somehow you’re going to have to work off the calories. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to The Fitzroy in downtown Savannah for an influencer brunch. It was hands down, amazing. I got to meet and socialize with some AWESOME women and try delicious... Continue Reading →

My favorite brunch in Savannah.

I get a lot of messages about this. And it is honestly hard to choose ONE. There are so many phenomenal restaurants in Savannah that serve a great brunch. There is one place though that I will recommend and take visitors time and time again. do you know which spot that is? It’s the Collins’s Quarter!... Continue Reading →

I’m back.

Guess who’s back, back again, Christina’s back. Tell a friend. That’s right, I’m back. I’m back and I’m fat. Errr wait. No. But I’m back. I took a LONG hiatus from this blog, BUT I decided it’s time to start it up again. now, I know. You’re looking for my funny dating stories and comparisons... Continue Reading →

Why can’t I have it??

This flatbread from the Honey Bee-Stro is not only beautiful, but tastes amazing too. If you stop by the flower and garden festival at Epcot this year, make sure to try it. I won't get to eat this again this year and that's so sad. It probably makes me want it more! We always want... Continue Reading →

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