You are everything I ever wanted

Oh and for real, I mean that. Just look at this bubble waffle 😍😍 topped with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, salted caramel, caramel pearls, and chocolate dipped pretzels. It was almost too much but not really. Heaven. It's the truth. You can find this at Disney Springs from Aristocrepes across from Rainforest Cafe. See,... Continue Reading →

Why do we care?

I'm aware of my absence lately. I have just been so busy! So today in national Nutella day and let me be real with you, Nutella is one of the best tasting things I've ever had. And it damn well tastes better than a man. Yes I said it. This right here is a Macamochip... Continue Reading →

Do we expect too much?

This burger is from Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs. Cooked perfectly and topped with flavorful mac and cheese, I at least expected a real bun, not whatever that is on top of it. I also expected the guy who took me on a date for this burger to not be so annoying. Bust. And with... Continue Reading →

Is 27 the new 37?

Donuts from Sugar Shack in Cocoa, Florida. So I was thinking about something last night, and yes, at my apparent old age of 27, had to write it down in order to not forget to write about it tonight. Have we gotten to a point in my generation that if you're 27 well, you might... Continue Reading →

Fries Over Guys

Fries over guys, Am I right? You can find these seasoned fries with tzatziki salad and siracha ketchup at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Ok so listen y'all, this is my brand new blog. I eat a lot of really great food. Sometimes I sit there and wonder, wow WHY do I eat so much? Why is... Continue Reading →

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