You are everything I ever wanted

Oh and for real, I mean that. Just look at this bubble waffle 😍😍 topped with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, salted caramel, caramel pearls, and chocolate dipped pretzels. It was almost too much but not really. Heaven. It’s the truth. You can find this at Disney Springs from Aristocrepes across from Rainforest Cafe. See, if I say something is great, I mean it.

But what about people who don’t?

And you know what I’m referring to. Clearly. Because the topic here is men.

Let me just ask you something reallllly quick, out of sheer curiosity because it has never happened to me before. Have you ever said stuff you did not mean before while you were drunk? I mean like, super serious stuff?

Ok yeah, me neither. 🀣 that’s actually true though. Everything I say is pretty accurate when I drink. You know they say, drunk words are sober thoughts. Don’t go blaming being drunk right? Blah blah. I honestly don’t say things I don’t mean. As before, I present my emotions differently, but DONT say things because I’m drunk. Nope. I only mean what I say.

Oh ok so here’s something fun. Did you read my last post? About a drunken reaction (swear this is making me look like an alcoholic and I’m not even close. I rarely drink). So I was totally judged by being drunk, when really it’s not my usually demeanor (btw I’m craving fried fish at the present moment and that’s strange. It’s also 2am and I’m writing this because I have issues). And said male made a comparison of, well if someone robbed a bank he could just tell the cops oh no, I didn’t mean to, that wasn’t me, I was drunk, and it’s just ok?

Well when ya put it that way…… true. That’s a solid point. But what if you flip it around on yourself? Are you going to use that analogy on your own actions?

You see, he said a lot to me, while drunk. Also said a lot sober, but I’m not sure that’s neither here nor there. So when I was broken up with after being told that he wanted a future with me and all kinds of stuff I’ll spare all the juicy details for your wondering minds, he says, I don’t say things I don’t mean. πŸ™ƒ

Here’s the fun part. Ya see, I just can’t help myself when I don’t have closure. Nope. I’ll prod. A lot. Eventually I get it and it’s usually at the chance of ruining any spec of a friendship or future relationship. Woe is me. Don’t give a shit I just want my answer. In the moment anyway. Who else is like this? Just me? (Rhetorical. I know it’s almost every female). I regret this later, but it’s usually too late. Ok so, back to my story, this same aforementioned finally tells me in the wee early hours of this morning (hence why I’m writing this now. I’m also starving and have eaten all my macros for the day. Was planning on being asleep two hours ago), that once he realized what he said while he was drunk, as a sober person told me why it wouldn’t work.

Huh. That’s funny. I thought we only said things that we meant. So the bank robber analogy does not apply to you too?

The lesson here is, people, what males say apparently only apply to us females and not to themselves. Holy hell. I wish this was new information. It’s not. It’s the same old. And nothings changed. I tell you what, are you a female who gets emotional when you drink? Oh ok, well then figure out what alcohol makes you like that AND STOP DRINKING IT. Yeah no, seriously. Cause no one likes it. I don’t even like myself when I drink vodka. Beer from now on for me. But hey, whatever you do when you’re drunk apparently is who you are, so be careful. But it’s not who a man is. Which, come on, if you think that’s true you don’t need this blog. Or maybe you do πŸ€”. Don’t let him make it one way. Because it’s not.

I think it’s time to break the diet for some emotional eating because I’m honestly stressed by all this bull shit. Be kind. It can make all the difference. ✌🏻

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